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Emblem of 青山ペタンク Aoyama Petanque Tokyo Japan

Aoyama Petanque

Aoyama Petanque is an informal group of petanque enthusiasts who make Aoyama Park in Minato-ku, Tokyo, their home ground for exiting boules action.

Saturday afternoon (resuming petanque session with Covid-19 prevention rules applying)
From 12:00 to 17:00 (or till darkness during the winter months)
Aoyama Park, Minato-ku, Tokyo
毎週土曜午後12時過ぎから5時頃(冬場は夕方早め) 東京都港区の都立青山公園

◆Measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus / 新型コロナウイルスの感染拡大防止策に伴う公園利用について皆さまにお願い◆

Covid-19 prevention Aoyama Petanque Rule Additions / コロナ対策の為の青山ペタンク内でのローカルルール
◆ Small scale gathering, practice matches only.
◆ Keep a social distance of 2 m between players.
◆ Define terrain with out-lines. Open 3m space between each terrain.
◆ Single or Doubles matches only.
◆ Each team stays at their side line, only step into the terrain when play.
◆ Player uses own but.
◆ Player uses own measuring tool.
◆ No plastic circle used, draw the circle on the ground (35 - 50 cm)
◆ Only pick up your own boules.
◆ No handshakes, high-fives and hugging. Wear a face mask.
◆ Wash and disinfect your hands and boules carefully after the game.

Aoyama Petanque Saturday sessions at Aoyama Park are canceled due to the Tokyo governor's request for people to stay indoors over the weekend. Thank you for your cooperation and stay safe!
青山公園での土曜日のセッションは、東京知事の屋内滞在の要請により中止されました。 ご理解のほど宜しく申し上げます。健康にお気を付けてください。

As of this week the Tokyo government urged residents for the time being to refrain from holding drink and food parties in parks. This call for self-restriction also includes our terrain at Aoyama Park. There will be no table and chairs available during our petanque sessions. Please only bring drinks and food for your own personal consumption. Thank you for your cooperation.

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How to get there
Subway: Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line, Nogizaka Station. Take exit no. 5. Turn left and cross the street at the traffic light towards the park. The petanque ground is located next to the soccer field.

2020 Yamakita Mikan Petanque Tournament

2020 Yamakita Mikan Petanque

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2019 Tokyo Triplet

2019 Tokyo Triplet

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2019 Tokyo Petanque Meeting Tournament

2019 Tokyo Petanque Meeting Tournament

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2019 Misato Ladies&Dandies Petanque Tournament

2019 Misato Ladies&Dandies Petanque Tournament

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Friendly International Matches

2019 international Petanque matches Aoyama

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2019 Akasakapeco Petanque Tournament

2019 Akasakapeco Petanque Tournament

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2019 Tani Cup Petanque Tournament

2019 Tani Cup Petanque Tournament

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2019 Kawasaki Petanque Tournament

2019 Kawasaki Petanque Tournament

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Ayumi Goma wins Bronze medal in the Women’s Single Petanque at the Asian Beach Games 2016

郷間 亜由美選手はアジアビーチゲームズ2016でペタンク女子シングルの銅メダル


Our Aoyama Petanque teammate Ayumi Goma put on a great performance at the Asian Beach Games 2016 in the Women’s Single Petanque - more…

Although Aoyama Petanque’s structure is not based on formal club statutes, we may still select teams to compete in petanque tournaments, or organize events to promote the game of petanque. Foremost, Aoyama Petanque is striving to rise our competitive petanque skill levels, but also without giving up all the fun that leisure petanque offers.


2005 – 2006: Aoyama Petanque established as an informal group.
2006 – 2009: Registered club with the Japan Petanque Boules Union (JPBU)
2009 – today: Aoyama Petanque returns to its roots as an informal group.

Contact Aoyama Petanque: aoyama(at)petanque.cc

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